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More Links is provided on sections (Facts about Tripura, Documents, Acts, Schemes, Forms, Services and Departments). By clicking on more links, the complete list of all Documents, Acts, Schemes, Forms, Services and Departments will be displayed.

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Website Sections:

    1.Tripura Maps
    A collection of different Maps of the State/District of Tripura grouped according to category.
    Links to the various Tripura State Government Departments website are provided.
    3.Government Organizations
    Links to the various Tripura State Government Organizations website are provided.
    Links to all the Districts Websites of Tripura State are provided.
    5.About Tripura
    Details about Tripura's Historical Background, Demographics,Art and Cultural, Festivals, Tourist locations etc. are provided.
    6.Know Your Representatives
    Look for the detail list of MPs and MLAs elected from Tripura along with their profile.
    7.Council of Ministers
    List of all Ministers along with their profile and contact details are provided here.
    All administrative officers of Tripura's list and their profile is given here.
    9.Policies, Plans & Reports
    Various Policies, Plans & Reports published by various departments under Government of Tripura is provided to citizens.
    10.Universities, Boards & Academies
    A collection of websites of the Universities, Boards & Academies of Tripura which are of immense importance particularly to the students.
    Various kinds of documents published by various Government Departments are provided here.
    Links to all the Tenders related to Tripura are enlisted under Government of India e-Tender Portal.
    13.Rules and Regulations
    A repository of different rules and regulations, publish by the different departments of the State Government necessary for the citizen/employee/government.
    A repository of different acts and ordinances, publish by the different departments of the State Government.
    A Collection of all the Important Contacts of various Government Departments and Organizations are provided.
    16.Important Links
    Website Directory of Government of India Portal is linked.
    17.Citizen Services
    Look for various citizen services offered by various Government Departments, e-Forms applications also provided for those who want to avail the online services offered by various Government Departments.
    A repository of Application Forms required for availing various services, schemes and facilities provided by the Government.
    All state Budget Documents are listed under this section.
    20.Right to Information (RTI)
    Website links provided for various Information Commissions from where Citizens can ask for Information.